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We are proud to offer Hoya’s personal fit lenses. Now, you can take control in the decision of your progressive lens design. We want you to engage in choosing the best lenses depending on your lifestyle  so that we can offer you a lens that performs to YOUR NEEDS.   
Fill out this quiz to find out what lenses  is best for your lifestyle!    >>> Quiz


We are proud to offer world class products....

Nikon offers us new progressive lenses that open our field of vision, and are complimented with wonderful coatings: SeeCoat is the latest and clearest coating.

Feel free to view our frame room. Ask about our value-added pricing. With a large choice, you will be very impressed with the quality and price! 

Ordinary plastic lenses can cause serious damage when used for sports (above). Click on the video beside to see how impressive these lenses perform. Hoya’s Trivex material has been our choice for years now and we have never yet been disappointed! Check out >>>EX3 Scratch Resistance 

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Personal Fit Lenses; adapted for your needs